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Suitable for underfloor heating

When applying our product on your floor it has an extra advantage which is the possibility to combine it with any kind of underfloor heating system for an even warmer result. The maximum temperature for underfloor heating is 28º for SPC and ESPC.

Sound insulation for a relaxing home

The Scelavi product has a high capacity of acoustic insulation. Our product is able to absorb sounds much better than other options and even with a better performance when including a pad layer in the bottom. This will help to reduce the noises when walking or dropping things on your flooring and also for walls acoustic insulation.

No worries about spilling liquids

A home is a living space, so humidity after a bath or spilling a glass of water on the kitchen floor, happens sometimes. But that’s not a problem with Scelavi. All our products are made with special layers that make them waterproof,  preventing the permeation of liquids like water, wine, juice, oil, etc.

Easy maintenance

All the superior advantages of the product makes Scelavi the perfect easy maintenance option. It’s easy to clean, waterproof, has a high resistance to stains and to replace any plank or change the complete floor it’s a DIY task as will be
very easy to do it by yourself.

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Stain-Proof & Non-Slip

Other things that happen in our real homes with kids and pets, is that sometimes surfaces get dirty and we enter into panic thinking that those stains are not going to be removed. But you’re not going to be scared with Scelavi because our surfaces are treated with special coatings which make easy cleaning possible avoiding any kind of stain or mark remaining on your floors and walls.

High impact resistance

Also related to our product it’s important to highlight the high impact resistance. Our products reduce the possibility of getting traces or marks over your flooring after the impact that can happen over the years.

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