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For over four decades, the name Caruana & Cini Ltd has been synonymous with statement home furniture pieces and interiors in Gozo, Malta. Since Anthony Caruana and Eucharist Cini founded the company in Victoria in 1972, the company has gone from strength to strength, a long way from its humble beginnings as a domestic appliances store.

From their shop in Independence Square, Caruana & Cini Ltd immediately made an impact on the local market, selling bathroom furniture, accessories, gifts, and ornaments. As their reputation grew it eventually necessitated the need to move to larger premises to meet the growing demand.

After eight years operating Tony’s Store, Anthony Caruana and Eucharist Cini took the bold decision to relocate to Capuchin’s Street in Victoria, where they expanded their product range to be able to cater to all your home needs, from finishing to furnishing your property.

At the turn of the millennium the local home and furniture market was booming, and so sons Charles and Manuel Cini took over the helm and decided the time was right to open a brand new state-of-the-art showroom with a commitment and dedication to bring a greater range of products and finer quality to the market.

The new showroom is spread across five floors and embodies the company’s eye for glamour and statement pieces.  Comprising the home and interiors collection at Caruana & Cini Ltd in Gozo are: Floor & Wall tiles, Sanitary Fittings, Bathroom Accessories and Spas, Kitchens and Home Appliances, Lights, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Sofas & Furnishings, Bedrooms, Wallpaper, Upholstery, Outdoor Furniture, Pellet Stoves and Inserts. Each product is the result of careful selection and an eye for unique combinations.

Today, the new generation of Caruana & Cini Ltd consists of a team of nine skilled and dedicated advisors, each specializing in home interiors and furniture. The Caruana & Cini Ltd philosophy is to provide top-quality products and services at competitive prices, offering its clients a holistic solution for the needs of the homeowner.

Caruana & Cini Ltd today also operates their dedicated Gozo Hardware store, selling paints, power tools, pipes, heating, and plumbing amongst others.


Caruana & Cini Team
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