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Gelmus Rubble Wall


Sustainable Land through restoration of rubble walls and soil and water management

Through the restoration of several rubble walls located in an area known as Dar il-Hmar, Caruana and Cini has restored a number of rubble walls that are vital for both flora and fauna, as well as for the retention of agricultural soil.

The project also entailed the planting of different tree varieties with the aim of greening the area as well as acting as natural wind breakers as well as contributing towards the retention of soil.   The project shall be sustained over the long term, ensuring that post implementation the necessary structures are in place for the upkeep and maintenance of the reinstated area.

Rubble Walls are a predominant and integral feature of the Maltese rural landscape. These traditional agricultural structures reflect the history, knowledge, and skill of our ancestral agrarian societies. For ages, Maltese farmers have realized the important role that these walls play in the preservation and sustainability of the local agricultural economy. The maintenance and reinstatement of rubble walls is crucial both to prevent soil erosion and maintain Malta’s rural landscape. 

This project was possible through funding under EAFRD Measure 4 Investments in Physical Assets Sub-measure 4.4: Support for non-productive investments linked to the achievement of agri-environment-climate objectives.

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