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Spaces with a unique style and a relaxed atmosphere. Woodline is the new Love Tiles collection ready to create cozy spaces typical of the most serene nature. Usually wood is, par excellence, the material we look for when we want to create cozy environments and it is with ceramics that we can enjoy the aesthetic characteristics of wood with exceptional resistance and durability.

With an unescapable style, nature is gaining space over more urban references, as the trend that is here to stay. Its appearance is natural, with warm tones and the visual harmonies are soft and with a clearly Scandinavian influence.

To design Woodline is to move towards a harmony that is constantly renewed. With a soft graphic approach, Woodline combines a palette of colours and tones, ideal for those seeking a touch of comfort for their home.

Inspired by oak wood, known for its resistance and natural beauty, each piece is crafted preserving the essence of the wood. With shades ranging from classic 'honey' Beige to Light Brown, they add a sense of intimate coziness, but also including White and Grey that add a touch of sophistication and serenity, thus multiplying the possibilities of decorating spaces.

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