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Wooden’s realistic design is much more than a simple interpretation of wood. This collection shows the erosion of time itself, with the ability to take us to the memories of houses with history or generations. Through the comfort provided by wood, we made the nature of the interior of your house last, like the great trend of the world of interior design.

A vivid and realistic design, this is the return to warm environments. The effect of recycled wood and the traces of woodworking, grains, knots and intrinsic patterns end up revealing a soothing and natural look of wood. Modern digital printing technology creates a realistic design and effects of wood, while adding a slight colour shade variation. Light Beige, Beige, Dark Beige, Tortora and Brown build this palette of tones that can convey the character and personality of nature in its purest and most authentic state. On the other hand, the single format - 20x100 - and the two surface finishes - natural and non-slip- will provide a feeling of extending the spaces, from the inside to the outside.

Wooden is the perfect combination of the natural beauty of wood and the longevity of porcelain quality.

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