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Tian is the Chinese word for sky and also the name given to this modular wardrobe made entirely of glass. A cross between a display case and an aquarium, it illuminates the centre of any room and can be used to unite or divide it.  The wardrobe blends perfectly with its content and enhances its formal and visual expression. An intense and vibrant dialogue between elements, fittings, light and partitions in a delicate harmony of shapes and contents, exterior and interior.


A contemporary, technologically innovative design based on the development of a set of aluminium frames that make up the skeleton of the closet. The frames are sealed externally with 4 mm thick panels in tempered glass, transparent ExtraLight or reflective bronzed glass, while internally they open onto a through compartment. The glass of the outer frames of the sides and backs - the latter are also available in melamine - can be flush or with protruding edges to meet any design, technical and aesthetic requirement.


The flush glass introduced with this product is a technological advance with strong aesthetic impact. It bestows a monolithic appearance on the overall design, where the entire surface becomes a continuous, uninterrupted sky dome.


Perfect as an island in the middle of the room or placed against a wall, Tian is a system within a system. Its frames and overall structure fit easily into the vast Armadio al Centimetro system. Assemblies can be designed that combine the different elements with great compositional freedom.


Tian can be paired with the Dandy hinged doors or in the Open version, without doors.


The interiors feature a wide range of optional accessories, including LED lighting with dimmers on the front vertical uprights, and can be customized in many ways. The Armadio al Centimetro system offers various catalogue finishes and a wealth of equipment designed to arrange the space according to specific functional requirements: drawer units, trouser racks, belt racks, shoe racks, shelves and clothes rails with integrated lighting. A wardrobe that can be enhanced and personalised to taste with sophisticated and functional accessories in which attention is paid to the smallest detail, such as synthetic leather mats for the drawers and elegant boxes for the shirt compartments.

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