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When the commitment with colours combine with smooth surfaces, Splash is born.

This collection makes us remember the technique of elegant and soft paintbrush and it’s an authentic manifestation of emotions. Irresistible and with an admirable presence, Splash has a colour demand like no other, highlighted by a slight texture reminiscence, that resemble plaster work.

Whether is for a bolder setting, accentuating the contemporary look, or for more neutral spaces, its elements are double contrasting but complementary. The decorations, minimalistic and structured, are a vision between a more vintage appearance and the vigor of contemporary spaces.

Prepared for wall and floor pavement, from neutral tones – White, Cream, Grey, Tortora and Anthracite – to the most vibrant – Blue, Orange, Red and Green – the result is an original chromatic spectrum. The most innovative aspects of the pallet are not only its alliance to a diverse decoration series, but also its extensive possibilities towards trendier settings: from deep and intense red, to a revitalizing and harmonious blue, a lightning and restful green and a warm and enjoyable orange.

Elaborated with digital print technology, Splash was developed to become a one-step solution capable of giving answer to both architectural and decoration demands. This collection presents two sizes of wall tile covering – 20x60 and 35x100 ret. – and two for floor tile pavement – 60,8x60,8 and 59,9x59,9 ret. – that are more frequently the tendency for modern architecture.

Another addition is the line of colorful tile grouts from Love Tiles that will allow a space composition with a perfect combination of colours and patterns.

Without precedents, Splash gathers vibrant and captivating traces with light dosages of colour, capable of endowing your home with spontaneity, but always with unifying elements.

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