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Arsel stone is a famous limestone of Greek origin, characterized by a very light and uniform beige colour. The design of Sense was based on this limestone, which is very resistant and has unique characteristics in terms of texture.

Produced in coloured body porcelain stoneware, Sense is a collection that was born on the pavement and evolved into cladding. Its resistance to wear, durability and consistent resistance to frost make this stone the queen of building materials.

The delicacy of its surface balances the strength of the material and renews the options for indoor and outdoor environments, with a very varied range of products framed around the theme of nature. The structures and decorations refer to more obvious elements of nature, with leaves and flowers, and other less obvious ones, with natural shapes and rounded lines. Sense also presents two more classical structures, which simulate the cut and the jagged surface of the stone cut.

Sense also has two surface finishes: the Touch finish, which is smooth and has a slight satin feel, and the great novelty, the In&Out finish. This new finish has non-slip characteristics, but is soft and allows perfect use both inside and outside, with a floor adapted to the requirements of both types of spaces. Now it is possible to expand the same product and obtain a continuity of spaces with a single solution.

Sense will definitely be a product of choice in architectural and interior design projects with a contemporary, elegant and minimalist footprint.

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