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Inviting and welcoming. This is how the environments of the new Native collection are. Love Tiles’ new wood, with strong Nordic inspirations, is a celebration of natural beauty and the effect of shadows and veins typical of dry wood.

Native is made of porcelain stoneware and has a Nordic inspiration and a practical and functional look, ideal for residential spaces. The graphics highlight the features of a natural material, and the decorative flooring option with the 'chevron' pattern enhances the feeling of comfort and harmony and this is reflected throughout the collection.

The collection also presents an integrated and versatile advantage for its finishes and formats. Inside, you can choose the size 20x100 with natural finish, and outside the collection is available in 20MM in the 40x120 format, with non-slip finish. Designed to increase the external potential of your home, the collection also has special pieces for pools and steps, for a perfect finish.

This collection incorporates Microban® technology to offer not only beauty and durability in our ceramic products, but also biological safety in living, leisure and work environments.

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