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Inspired in marble, Marble collection comes up, full of nobility and sophistication.

Marble has soft, delicate and unpredictable veins, which gives this collection elegance and glamour, and also the capacity to adapt itself both to classic and modern spaces.

Marble is a collection for walls and floors, which allows to create distinct and authentic spaces. With this collection, we go back to classics, but interpreted in a contemporary way.

Marble goes from the lightest and softest colours – white, cream and light grey – to the most marked ones – beige and tortora. This collection provides us solutions in several formats and finishes. A special highlight to the format 45x120, that ennoble spaces, giving them an outstanding dimension.

The advanced digital printing technology used to produce this collection allows the interpretation of marble with an extremely high graphical definition, avoiding the pattern repetition. A range of decorations has been added to this collection, where we now highlight the structured pieces. From the existing ones, shape (35x100) and curl (35x70), a new structure for 45x120 format has been added: flux

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