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The story of your home begins with Majestic. The celebration of the grandiosity of marble is reinvented with this collection to transform the entire essence of your space.

This collection is a tribute to the time that shaped and trimmed a material as noble and timeless as marble. At its base, we can find five different marbles that were the starting point for a palette of six colors.

Crema Marfil, originally from Spain, has a uniform golden beige colour, with small lines of calcite. Majestic also has three different sorts of white: Calacatta Cloud, a stronger marble, with quite white surface and pronounced veins; Carrara, which has a more classic touch and is characterized by a greater number of veins, but more tenuous; Crystal White, which depicts a white background, with the incorporation of small crystals and veins, pronounced in grey and copper, that give it depth. Finally, Majestic still reserves space for two stronger colors: Imperial Green is an alpine green, a sober and refined color, and Calacatta Black, which embodies the depth and refinement of black marble, with white and gold veins.

Every vein, every tone, every graphic detail has been carefully crafted to capture the true essence of marble. Majestic is an homage to timeless marbles, allowing each piece to tell a unique story.

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