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Ground is a collection inspired by the look and feel of cement applied to a cotto structure.

The fusion between urban and traditional styles has created a product with unique characteristics. The modern vintage look fits in with the current revival trend by using graphics associated with hydraulic tiles, which are highly appreciated by architects and designers. Cement, markedly urban, acquires a more traditional expression with the shape and texture of the surface. Ground tiles have a light structure, noticeable through the brightness of the surface, which creates the illusion of movement. It has a slightly satin finish, making it very smooth and pleasant to the touch.


The decorations of both the lining and the flooring are inspired by the patterns of hydraulic tiles, which can be used to create highly customized environments or to punctuate the spaces with special details. From traditional to modern, from rustic to minimalist, Ground can be used in all types of decoration and the style is dictated by the combination of elements.

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