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Attractive shapes and large dimensions characterise the Terramare sofa collection by Studio Chiaramonte/ Marin, designed to create cosy and personal settings both indoors and out. A complete range of furniture for dining and living areas. The main feature is the die-cast aluminium core, reminiscent of the most basic system that binds stalks of cane to one another, a unique detail. Tables and the elegant armchairs blend in with the essential lines, the style and the design of the sofas to create highly attractive dining areas. Terramare’s material mix is original and innovative: eco-leather back with vintage details, aluminium and stoneware tops, colourful, water-repellent outdoor fabrics.

Available Colors.

Matte White - White

Black - Black

Grey Green - Grey Green

Corten - Brown

Indian Brown - Indian Brown

  • Material: Aluminium - Eco-Leather
  • Seat Cushion: Yes
  • Cover: Yes
  • Cover Type: FC/730
  • Cushion Material: Acrylic Fabric