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Sayoli 200 UV-C Air Sterilizer

UV-C Lamp

Breathe clean air!

Technical Data

Air free of bacteria and viruses!

Provide clean and pollution-free air in your home.
The new Sayoli device not only purifies but also sterilizes the air in your surroundings, eliminating viruses, bacteria, particulates, allergens, and harmful substances.

Silent. Fast. Efficient.

Sayoli air sterilizer is as silent as leaves rustling in a gentle breeze. The device generates only 14.9 dB noise, which means you can use it even when you sleep.
Thanks to the efficient fan and specially designed Flow 360° case, the sterilizer purifies up to 200m³ of air per hour. It means you can fill a medium-size room with clean and fresh air in just 20 minutes.

Antivirus UV-C lamp for air disinfection.

The certified UV-C lamp is the heart of the Sayoli air sterilizer. It emits radiation that effectively neutralizes the genetic material of viruses and bacteria by penetrating the capsid, its protective
outer layer. The neutralized virus is no longer able to spread and infect other cells.

Most effective filter on the market!

The contaminated air is sucked into the device by a 200mm fan and flows through a three-layered filter.
The PET primary filter removes dust, pollen, and other coarse particles circulating in the air. Then the certified (SGS) antibacterial layer stops and neutralizes bacteria and allergens. Next, the air flows through an ultra-dense HEPA material which filtrates PM2.5 particles.
In the center of the device, the filtered air is treated with UV-C radiation which neutralizes viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Now the clean and sterile air can freely escape through the upper openings.

Flow 360° Case

Sayoli Air Sterilizer was designed to ensure the highest performance in any place. Each wall of the device has openings that allow for unobstructed airflow from any side. You don’t have to worry that the device is too close to the wall, cabinet, or couch. Thanks to special holes you can also hang the device on the wall.

Dimensions - 250mm x 250mm x 503mm

Weight - 14,2 kg

Filtration efficiency - up to 200 m3/h (approx. 80 m2/h)

Energy consumption - 16 W

Lamp lifetime - 9000 h

Noise level - 15 dB

Power source - 230V power socket

Type - air flow UV-C + 3-layered HEPA filter

Case - powder-coated steel

Made in EU

Certificated CE