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UV-C Lamp

What is a virucidal UV-C lamp?

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What is a virucidal UV-C lamp?

The technology of air and surface sterilization is based on bactericidal effects of UV radiation.

The UV-C radiation with wavelength of 250-280nm has the best bactericidal and virucidal effectiveness from the entire UV electromagnetic range.

The lamp destroys bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi. The radiation changes the structure of cytoplasmic proteins and nucleic acids destroying the DNA structure of the microorganism. This leads to a chemical reaction, which destroys the harmful pathogen.

UV-C radiation

The viruses have a protective layer calles capsid. When the genetic material escapes the capsid, the virus can infect people. This is why the UV-C radiation needs to penetrate the capsid to neutralize the virus.

Only the strong light with wavelength of 250-280nm destroys viruses and bacteria in seconds.

As shown by numerous studies, this method of sterilization is one of the most effective, easiest and safest way to ensure effective decontamination of air.

How SAYOLI sterilizer works?

Inside there is a lamp emitting UV-C radiation, that has a very effective bactericidal effect.

The air is drawn in by the fan from below and goes to the disinfection chamber. Inside it is exposed to concentrated UV-C radiation. This is where the microbes are immediately destroyed. The disinfected air leaves the device through the upper ventilation holes. The device is controlled by electronic components.

The air movement is forced by a fan designed for continuous operation. It proces a low noise of only 20dB.

Within 1 hour the device sterilizes as much as 30m3 of air

The sterilizer does not have a negative impact on the human body, which allows you to stay in the room during the sterilization process. No ozone is produced.

Is it possible to replace the UV-C bulb in Sayoli devices?

The UV-C bulbs in the Sayoli 30 and Sayoli 60 are replaceable. For the user’s safety, replacement of the radiator is possible only at the manufacturer’s service.

Sayoli sterilizers use special UV-C radiators covered with a protective layer to prevent ozone production during operation. In the event of damage to the bulb, a special protection prevents the device from being switched on.

The cost of replacing the bulb is € 70 for Sayoli 30 and € 95 for Sayoli 60. The above prices include the costs of re-delivery to the customer (in the European Union and the United Kingdom).

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Tips on what to look out for when choosing an air sterilizer:

Silent work – max. 33dB (continuous noise can cause tiredness and annoyance).

The UV-C lamp should have a lifetime of at le

Sayoli 30 – 80mm x 260mm
Sayoli 60 – 100mm x 290mm

Sayoli 30 – 0.5 kg
Sayoli 60 – 1.5 kg

Sayoli 30 – up to 30 m3/h (approx. 12 m2/h)
Sayoli 60 – up to 60 m3/h (approx. 25 m2/h)

Energy consumption
Sayoli 30 – 5 W
Sayoli 60 – 7 W

Lamp lifetime 6000 h

Noise level
Sayoli 30 – 20dB
Sayoli 60 – 33dB

Power source USB-C cable + 230V wall plug

Sterilizer typair flow

Aluminum Case

Made in EU

Certificated CE