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HEPA Filter for Sayoli 200 Air Sterilizer

HEPA Filter

Replaceable HEPA filter for Sayoli 200

Technical Data

The filter has a special antibacterial and antiviral layer and an improved HEPA filter with better particle filtration efficiency (PM0.3, PM2.5, PM10 etc.).

The antibacterial filter prevents mold formation (the highest level of protection - level 0) and helps to get rid of mites. It contains natural polyphenol, which is safe for people with allergies (it effectively reduces the incidence of allergies)


The new filter stops spring allergens of plant and animal origin (99.99% of pollen are filtrated).

360 air filter

- it purifies your room in 10 minutes (21 square meters)

- filtrates particles larger than 0.3µm (PM2.5 - 99,7%)

- dense Japanese HEPA/EPA filter, class E12
removes dust, particles, pollen, pet hair
and also ammonia, formaldehyde and other harmful substances

- filter dimension 293x200 mm