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Ecoforest ductable models allow the heat to be distributed by means of a set of ducts installed in your home, this range of products is appropriate for all of those users who seek for a clean, natural and effective system to heat different areas of their home.

Technical Specifications



Power: 12kW
Performance: 88%
Tank: 25kg
Consumption: 1044-2609gr/h
Autonomy: 24h-10h
Weight: 138.5kg
Gas out diameter: 80mm

Output duct diameter: 1 x 80mm
Measures: 830 x 970 x 549mm

Automatic modulation of combustion air, supply of pellets and convection air 
Multifuel (pellets, almond shell, olive stone) 
Ceramic fireplace
Cast iron burning pot 
High efficiency aluminium exchanger
No need for cleaning heat exchange system
Mounting structure included
Detachable stove with guides for maintenance
Vacuum cleaning system
Multiple safety systems
Self and distinguished electronics
Programmable chrono -thermostat 
Tablet included
Color display included

Approval: CEE/034/14-1 + (CEE/070/14)
Regulation: EN 14785:2007
Electrical safety: EN 60335-2-102
Electromagnetic compatibility: 2004/108/CE