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Forma See Through

With a wide range of customization options, configurations and lengths, Planika’s FORMA see-through firebox can be fitted into virtually any space, be it a modern apartment or a traditional house! The main advantage of this solution is the self-contained zero clearance construction, giving architects and builders endless design possibilities. With two open sides, FORMA see-through firebox creates a perfect room divider, infusing warmth and ambiance into your living space. Planika bio-ethanol fireplaces don’t need cleaning as they don’t produce smoke, soot or ash. The patented BEV Technology™ applied in the FORMA see-through fireplace, coupled with multiple sensors, makes it the safest solution available on the market. Planika’s bio-ethanol fireplaces are fully automatic and come with a fuel pump as a standard. You can control them from the comfort of your seat via remote control or designated smartphone app.



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FORMA Fireplace

With FLA3 Burner or FLA3+ Burner
Remote Control Included
Mobile Device Control
SHS Compatible
Automatic Refill System
6 Stage Flame Height
BEV Technology

Optional Accessories 

Black Ceramic Glass
Black Corrugated panel
3D Mirror Panel
SHS Module
Custom Length

Forma 1000 Fireplace
Approx. Viewing Area - 101.6cm (w) 50.8cm (h) 40.6cm (d)
Heat max. 4.4 kW
Room Size min. 44m cubic

Forma 1200 Fireplace
Approx. Viewing Area - 121.9cm (w) 50.8cm (h) 40.6cm (d)
Heat max. 7.0 kW
Room Size min. 70m cubic

Forma 1500 Fireplace
Approx. Viewing Area - 152.4cm (w) 50.8cm (h) 40.6cm (d)
Heat max. 9.4 kW
Room Size min. 94m cubic

Forma 1800 Fireplace
Approx. Viewing Area - 182.9cm (w) 50.8cm (h) 40.6cm (d)
Heat max. 13.0 kW
Room Size min. 130m cubic

Forma 2300 Fireplace
Approx. Viewing Area - 233.7cm (w) 50.8cm (h) 40.6cm (d)
Heat max. 18.0 kW
Room Size min. 180m cubic

Forma 2700 Fireplace
Approx. Viewing Area - 269.3cm (w) 50.8cm (h) 40.6cm (d)
Heat max. 22.5 kW
Room Size min. 225m cubic