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Ship Bathtub in Novotech

Prepare to reawaken your senses with the new Ship Bathtub. Colour your world with Ship’s range of innovative shades such as Nero, Artico and Senape. Transform your bathroom into a chic, contemporary space which reflects your personality. Inside white matt, outside customisable.

Available Colours.

Black(furniture and bath)

Aragosta(furniture and bath)

Artico(furniture and bath)

Beige(furniture and bath)

Brilliant blue(furniture and bath)

Corda(furniture and bath)

Corteccia(furniture and bath)

Fucile(furniture and bath)

Grey(furniture and bath)

Iuta(furniture and bath)

Light grey(furniture and bath)

Lime(furniture and bath)

Perla(furniture and bath)

Rubino(furniture and bath)

Senape(furniture and bath)

Terra(furniture and bath)

Tortora(furniture and bath)

Turchino(furniture and bath)

White wood(only furniture)

Wenge(only furniture)

Burlington(only furniture)

Grain(only furniture)

  • Size
  • Height: 62 cm Depth: 500 mm
Functions and Equipment