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Infinitive Bathtub in Novotech

Sink into the bliss of INFINITIVE. The new bathtub made from Novotech, the revolutionary resistant material, its soft, curvaceous lines embody exclusivity, elegance and innovative design. Not only housing the technological elements, it also includes taps with clean, functional lines which are available in a range of finishes or colours designed to match the tub.Inside white matt, outside customisable.

Available Colours.

Aragosta(furniture and bath)

Artico(furniture and bath)

Beige(furniture and bath)

Black(furniture and bath)

Brilliant blue(furniture and bath)

Corda(furniture and bath)

Corteccia(furniture and bath)

Fucile(furniture and bath)

Grey(furniture and bath)

Iuta(furniture and bath)

Light grey(furniture and bath)

Lime(furniture and bath)

Perla(furniture and bath)

Rubino(furniture and bath)

Senape(furniture and bath)

Terra(furniture and bath)

Turchino(furniture and bath)

White wood(only furniture)

Grain(only furniture)

Burlington(only furniture)

  • Size:
  • Height: 63 cm Depth: 500 mm
Functions and Equipment