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Captivating, Mémorable is a solution for those seeking differentiating spaces.

Mémorable takes us on a journey through the experiences and memories of amazing places, strongly inspired in the elements and the natural feel of stone. This collection is a fusion between history and modernity, between traditional and contemporary, between time and matter.

Its structures, which simulate the extraction and wear of natural stone, add body and personality. The surface finishes - Natural, Touch and Anti-slip - and the uneven edges are in themselves an attractive contrast, bringing the collection closer to a more rustic chic look. Mémorable is also available in 20 millimetres, with anti-slip finish, prepared to adapt to the exterior of your home.

The application options range from the most traditional to the multi-format system, which is extremely versatile and allows you to combine the sizes available in the collection. This collection incorporates Microban® technology to offer not only beauty and durability in our ceramic products, but also biological safety in living, leisure and work environments.

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