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Admiral 165cm Double Ended Bath

Admiral 165cm Double Ended Bath

Admiral Freestanding Bathtub brings in a visual splendour like no other, offering the promise of pleasurable daily soaks. This lovely bathroom beauty is lacquered in white and is manufactured from high-quality acrylic. It retains water heat for a long and affords cosy, relaxing baths.


Features pre-drilled top overflow but no tap template. It is suitable for use with freestanding taps. A traditional design gives it a regal appearance that will make it the centre of your attention in any bathroom. It cannot be used with rim-mounted taps. It is backed by ten years of guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • Specifications

    Finish - White
    Material - One piece bath: acrylic inner and acrylic outer, no solid core
    Length - 1640mm
    Width - 705mm
    Height - 710mm
    Weight - 48kg
    Displaced Capacity - 99 litres (bath's capacity less 70 litres)
    Tap Holes - 0
    Compliance - BS EN14516:2006 Baths for domestic purposes

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