Top 6 Tile Trends for 2020 

With all this free time, there is no better time for a home upgrade. And with free professional design and delivery you can’t go wrong!

We put together the hottest trends in tile decor for 2020.  We recommend to go with the ones that fit the rest of your design scheme so everything comes together beautifully.

These tiles are made from durable materials and are low maintenance, especially when installed with minimal grout lines or in oversized slabs


Modern Marble

 With our marble collections, we go back to classics, but interpreted in a contemporary way.  They bring the luxurious splendour into your interiors without breaking the bank.


Speckled Surfaces

A graphic reinterpretation of terrazzo flooring, to experiment with new approaches to planning and design. The series is suitable for a variety of important architectural settings, both period and modern, offering novel, stimulating perspectives.


Nature & Geometric Inspired Patterns

Leaf, Palm, Wind, Desert and diamond shaped tiles just to name a few allow for more interesting layouts than simple grids. They’re an alternative to those who want to look beyond the subway tile.


Industrial Chic

Today’s technologies allow ceramic pieces to simulate the roughness of cement with a fine and sophisticated design. The aesthetic care and its practical use make it an essential material for the contemporary home. It’s a great choice for indoor and outdoor spaces, especially in: bathrooms, kitchens or contract projects such as restaurants or offices.


Color Forms

The top colours for 2020 are blues, blush pinks, sage green, and dusty orange hues for a calming look. You can combine one or more for a fresh take on traditional looks, or go with something fresh and unexpected for a fun powder room, for example.


Refined Wood Looks

For those who are looking for a personal style, combining contemporary taste with the natural elegance of wood, this style is the ideal solution. The latest styles add texture and interesting patterns, and can go in wet spaces like shower stalls that real wood can’t.


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