PAR-KER: the technically superior ceramic parquet

One of the main differentiating characteristics of the Par-Ker ceramic parquet is its inalterability with use and the passage of time. It can be used in lounges, bathrooms, showers and outside spaces. Ultimately, it bears witness to daily movement and remains as on the first day.

Par-Ker “The original” defies the passage of time in order to make the most of each step and define a proposal with its own style and personality. Porcelanosa has been on the cutting edge of ceramic parquet production for 30 years, taking inspiration from the tone, marbling, hardness and texture of wood. The result is a porcelain stoneware that has revolutionised the concept of flooring an coverings by mimicking the warm, distinguished appearance of natural wood in its pieces, with the technical advantages of ceramic. High technology made from ceramic.

Why is Par-Ker the best choice?

Par-Ker, in addition to creating a unique aesthetic inspired by natural wood, is developed with the most cutting-edge technology. A process has been created to adapt to the most demanding needs with materials characterised by their hardness and easy maintenance.

Thanks to its ceramic composition, its inalterability is guaranteed against wear and the passage of time, staying the same as on the first day, even in spaces with highly demanding uses such as outdoor spaces in extreme climate conditions.

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In the same way, thanks to its anti-slip properties, it is a perfect solution for high-transit public spaces which require high resistance such as leisure and restaurant establishments and shopping centres.

It is a traditional material with futuristic technology which combines the freshness of ceramic with the warmth of wood, and which allows the installation of radiant heating systems.

In addition to the aesthetic and functional nature of Par-Ker, it is a sustainable material that forms part of the Porcelanosa Group ECO-Project; the manifestation of the firm’s environmental commitment. The Par-Ker production process generates minimal environmental impact, reduces waste and advocates the purification of water, the reduction of air emissions and proper energy management.

Technically superior, its resistance and technical characteristics make Par-Ker a highly versatile material, made to revolutionise the most demanding architectural projects.

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