Concrete effect for contemporary environments in a minimalist style

Unique collections in porcelain stoneware with a modern and trendy look



Concrete is the symbolic material of modernity. Concrete-effect tiles are increasingly sought after: thanks to their delicate appearance and neutral tones, these ceramics are ideal for many uses.

The concrete-effect floor becomes the base on which to build your own style, leaving maximum freedom in the choice of furnishing elements and wall colors, thanks to the sober and elegant look that makes it so universal and irresistible.

Not only that: its surface structure, particularly soft and pleasant, and the chromatic range that moves mainly on shades of gray and beige, make it extremely combinable with other collections, eliminating the problems of continuity between spaces.



Chic and minimal 
The minimalist style is one of the evergreen trends of contemporary design. Few elements, wisely researched and selected, can unequivocally define the identity of the rooms of the house, of an office and of any commercial activity.  

The concrete effect is therefore perfect for floors and walls that are loaded with expressiveness always in an essential key.

The concrete effect 
The concrete effect in all its expressive potential to offer designers a vast range of aesthetic and material inspirations. The collections are created expressly to intercept the typical allure of metropolitan habitats, ranging between multiple uses: perfect for the covering of the living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen area but also to give character to public spaces such as dedicated areas to wellness.

Creativity and functionality 
The variety of chromatic shades combined with the multiplicity of formats and decorations, allows infinite combinations to the advantage of creativity, opening up unprecedented perspectives for architecture and interior design to concrete-effect ceramic wall tiles. Cement-effect porcelain stoneware combines beauty and impeccable aesthetics with high technical performance: a product of the highest quality and easy to maintain that resists time, wear, atmospheric agents and thermal shocks.



Versatility and originality 

Concrete-effect collections are particularly versatile and have a contemporary flavor.

SFRIDO , born from the collaboration with the Neropaco studio, sees the meeting of the concrete effect with wood. Two apparently distant materials find their balance between shapes and design and are placed in living contexts full of a singular and modern charm.

URBAN CHALLENGE , the series inspired by trowel-worked concrete to which is added a gravel dust with a fairly large grain size, whose decorations have always been designed in collaboration with Neropaco, wants to offer the possibility of using a modern but not cold concrete effect, with never aggressive neutral colors, to create welcoming atmospheres.

Contemporary architecture and reinforced concrete are the keys to the DOT collection , designed by the architect Andrea Maffei. The distinctive sign of exposed concrete is precisely the dot, that is the point left by the matrix on the concrete, which embroideres the entire surface with geometric continuity.

I COCCI are inspired by the salvaged floors of the ancient Romagna farmhouses, a new original way of reinterpreting the past with a deliberately modern mood.

CONCRETE reinterprets concrete, the collection reproduces a concrete-effect floor suitable for contemporary living spaces, with an essential and minimal mood.

Finally BLEND gives new life to concrete: in addition to the classic light and dark grays, Fioranese has introduced other original shades such as Ivory, Sand, Mustard, Olive, Gray and Rubber. Thanks to this collection the concrete acquires new and unusual shades.



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