Exotic flowers, plants and animals. Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers transform domestic landscapes into spectacular jungles for living

inkiostro bianco, savage, unpublished cruise collection

Green, is not only the desire for outdoor life, it is also an attitude, a thought, a color, which can even suggest an aesthetic in the way of living, with inspirations that perhaps come from far away and recall exotic atmospheres. Thanks to the greenery, also understood as colors, our houses resemble woods in which plants , like the furnishings we choose, become more and more protagonists of the interiors, re-establishing ancient relationships between habitats and officinal and olfactory essences.

Inkiostro Bianco Mowgli wallpaper.  Collection 2017/2018
Inkiostro Bianco Mowgli wallpaper. Collection 2017/2018

Memory goes to citrus fruits and succulents, to the vegetation used in the Victorian era but also to the modernity of contemporary domestic landscapes. The phenomenon, which can be explained by the tendency of today 's design to move away from minimalism in favor of warmer and more imaginative interiors, even luxuriant, does not just consider plants as living beings, to the point of thinking of them as "subjects" of wallpaper inspired by nature , even the wildest.


Inkiostro Bianco Cairo wallpaper
Inkiostro Bianco Cairo wallpaper. Collection: Unpublished Cruise Collection

The images imprinted on the walls recall the memories of tropical places, of an uncontaminated nature in which we would like to get lost again, perhaps at the end of a holiday. A magical scenario that relaxes us with its colors and figures. Inkiostro Bianco , a brand and laboratory specialized in the production of continuous and decorative artistic customizable surfaces, has caught this trend through a series of wallpapers that have vegetation as a recurring theme, declined with sensitivity and eclecticism.


Inkiostro Boanco Greenery wallpaper
Inkiostro Boanco Greenery wallpaper. Collection: Unpublished Cruise Collection

Nature has always inspired art and design in the round. The fashion, for example, offers almost every year on its catwalks pattern, decorations and bright colorswhich draw inspiration from both the vegetable and animal universe. Looking at the world of fashion, almost all the 2019 season of the Parisian Haute Couture was dominated by a central element: nature. With a sort of exorcising action, both fashion giants and younger brands have almost all referred to the environment. The concept has not only translated into prints, fabric flowers and feather applications. Valentino, for example, asked his seamstresses to personally name each dress with the name of a flower; Chanel has recreated for his show a Tuscan country house, located in a garden inside the Grand Palais; while the Russian stylist Ulyana Sergeenko transported the public to Russian rural landscapes through a suggestive video clip.


Inkiostro Bianco Palmini Wallpaper
Inkiostro Bianco Palmini Wallpaper. Collection 2017/2018

Similarly, the wallpaper of Inkiostro White look to nature, but they choose to investigate the relationship between man and landscape, not proposing simple reproductions, but realizing, thanks to the vision of internal and external designers to brand, personal interpretations of the theme that they also play with irony on the border between indoor and outdoor. Nature, the backdrop of the living room, the bedrooms and even the bathrooms, is deconstructed, fragmented, graphic, made to participate in the aesthetic adventure of contemporary decor that reinterprets the multiplicity of tastes and styles that distinguish the home of originality. today. The result is a collection of collections ranging from floral to jungle , created to give life to real domestic settings.


Inkiostro Bianco Morning Dew wallpaper
Inkiostro Bianco Morning Dew wallpaper. Collection: Sketchbook 2020

In some drawings the vegetation is almost pictorial, in others it is impressed as with watercolors full of color, in still others it produces more abstract visions that represent imaginary places and stories of mythological gardens. The vegetation is sketched in pencil, or sectioned, analyzed, as if it were a note on a travel notebook of a modern explorer.


Inkostro Bianco Wallpaper Lost in the Jungle
Inkostro Bianco Wallpaper Lost in the Jungle. Collection: Unpublished Cruise Collection

Looking at the flora and fauna that animate these wallpapers, there is something that refers to the relationship recovered between the world of design and nature. In 2019, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London dedicated an exhibition entitled Fashioned from Nature to the theme . The exhibition has shown how, from 1600 to the present day, the natural world has gone from being seen as a source of inspiration and a prey for precious raw materials, to a new frontier, object of protection and safeguard.


Inkiostro Boanco Rosè wallpaper
Inkiostro Boanco Rosè wallpaper. Collection: Collection 2017/2018

Also in this case the examples range over the centuries from a vest from 1780 decorated with macaques to Gucci accessories which, under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, were populated with deer, bees, snakes and tigers. After all, even before discovering the weaving techniques, men used animal skins to protect themselves and warm themselves. Over time, from the clothes, the plants and the coats of exotic animals began to populate the interiors of our houses, bringing us colors and atmospheres of distant, wonderful places, becoming strange roommates of our daily lives.

Inkiostro Bianco Jubutus wallpaper
Inkiostro Bianco Jubutus wallpaper. Unpublished Cruise Collection

So, with the emergence of the animalier, it is not surprising that cats and birds coexist in the bright wallpaper of Inkiostro Bianco. In fact, since the 1940s, when the pin up Betty Page in brindle costume embodied the idea of ??the predatory woman, this decorative theme has been cleared through customs. The multiple identities of this fashion, already ridden by Christian Dior in 1947, range today from chic, to glamor, from bon ton to pop. Inspired by his muse Mitzah Bricard, the French designer created, for his collection, leopard-print chiffon dresses and, later, elegant cuffs of coats and hats with animal fur. Since then, as witnessed by Jungle, the animal imagination in fashion, an exhibition organized in the halls of the Reggia di Venaria in 2017, most of the stylists have experimented with the theme, using the skins and trying to perfectly imitate the coat of the cheetah on duty, the pattern, the feathers of tropical birds, scales , shapes and colors, to sublimate the animality in style.


Inkiostro Bianco Sterlizia wallpaper
Inkiostro Bianco Sterlizia wallpaper. Collection: Unpublished Cruise Collection

Now it's the turn of interior decoration. With Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers , environments are transformed into visionary jungles that escape from reality, rooms where you have the illusion of being in an oasis of greenery, places where you can escape and, why not, dream.


Inkiostro Bianco Montsalvat wallpaper.
Inkiostro Bianco Montsalvat wallpaper. Designer: Giovanni Bressana. Collection: Sang Réal

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