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Enjoyment of Heat. Ease of Use. Outstanding Burning Performance: - WOODBOX TECHNOLOGY

Enjoy all the benefits of Woodbox® at a press of a button on your remote control.


Woodbox® combustion technology uses a combination of natural chimney draft and preheated air, driven slowly and evenly towards the flame. To ensure, you get stunning flame effects, ranging from huge flames to afterburning fire of all colours dancing over the logs.

Thanks to the unique built-in thermostatic process you can set the desired temperature with Nestor Martin’s programmable thermostatic remote control that allows you to speed up or slow down the fire at any time. The stoves will burn for up to ten hours in saving mode.

Apart from easy control of your fire Woodbox® Technology also offers the following technical advantages:

  • Combustion system incorporating combined afterburn
  • Excellent performance
  • Environmentally friendly emissions
  • Precise control of the burn rate of the stove
  • Airwash system to keep the glass of the stove always clean
  • Additional air inlet for an easy fire start
  • Steel airtight firebox, lined with cast iron
  • Simple manual operation


Woodbox® combustion technology is available with our new range of traditional wood and gas stoves.

We invite you to visit our showroom to discover the range, our team of fireplace experts are ready to help you with your queries.

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