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Why pay for something that is a gift of nature?

Although it may be hard to believe, we come across an infinite number of different forms of energy every day. Just like there is technology to take advantage of solar energy or the kinetic energy of the wind, there is also technology which converts the temperature of the earth or the air in our favour. This is where heat pumps come into play. These machines, designed to generate heat, domestic hot water and even cooling, use a power supply that is clean, renewable and free that it is right under our feet and in the air that surrounds us.

Why choose ecoGEO heat pump?

SAVINGS. Ecoforest heat pumps substantially increase savings, not only because they are highly efficient day after day and reduce CO2 emissions, but because of ecoGEO technology and control strategies. Ecoforest heat pump installation is simple, compact and economic, an improvement over other heat pumps on the market because the user can forego certain components that would be essential in the installation of a traditional heat pump.

LOCAL RESOURCE. Heat pumps take most of the energy they need from their surrounding environment. Although they still have to be connected to the mains, they do not need to be supplied with any type of fuel, increasing user convenience and comfort. Likewise, they do not generate flames or smoke and provide a comprehensive heating system with little or no visual impact.

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE. The technology used by Ecoforest heat pumps is the same as a normal refrigerator, providing them with long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.

MINIMAL NOISE. Heat pump technology and insulation reduce noise levels to those of a common household appliance. Between 35 and 46 dB.

SAFETY. No combustion means no flames or smoke. In addition, the ecoGEO heat pump is totally monitored by the software, security shutdowns take place in the event of machine or external anomalies.

MINIMAL VISUAL IMPACT. None of the components in the geothermal configuration are visible. In the aerothermal or hybrid configuration, the air unit can be hidden appropriately to reduce the impact.

HOLISTIC SYSTEM. Ecoforest programming allows an integral management of the entire installation from the control screen. Ecoforest control allows user-friendly configuration of the entire system.

How does it work?

Air source


Aerothermal heat pumps are capable of extracting energy from the air. Ecoforest have developed the ecoAIR aerothermal heat pump that produces heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year with exceptional performance.

The ecoAIR is an innovative product; it includes a Scroll + EVI + Inverter compressor.  But what does this mean?

The Scroll compressor reduces the noise emission and increase the overall performance of the heat pump, the Inverter modulates the compressor power allowing the heat pump to adapt to the HAVC demands of the installation in real time, and the EVI ensures that power is kept high and with a high performance even when the external temperatures are very cold in winter and very hot in summer.

The Scroll EVI compressor, developed especially for heat pumps, is a new compressor model that is mainly characterized by having an intermediate stage in its operating cycle, in order to maximize its operation. The modern technology EVI re-injects gas into the compressor in an efficient way, which allows it to reach higher temperatures. This technology of gas injection together with Ecoforest control strategies allows it to produce water at 60ºC with external temperatures of -15ºC.

In short, the EVI technology significantly improves the refrigeration cycle, which translates into higher performance throughout the year (SPF).


Ground Source

The temperature of the ground is stable throughout the year, the deeper you go the more stable it becomes.  Geothermal heat pumps use this temperature as the main source of energy to produce heating in winter, cooling in summer and hot water throughout the year.

ecoGEO heat pumps convert this clean, renewable and free energy source to substantially increase your savings. You save not only because of the high efficiency of the ecoGEO heat pumps, but also as a result of Ecoforest extensive research and experience ecoGEO geothermal heat pumps have a simpler installation, more compact and economical than other heat pumps on the market.  

Ecoforest have a wide range of powers that covers from 1 kW to 600 kW incorporating variable speed Inverter compressors. The Inverter regulates the speed of the compressor and thanks to the ecoGEO control strategies it adapts to the ideal of the comfort zone, which allows to make a rational use of the energy consumed. In this way only the energy demanded by the building is provided at each moment.

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