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5 Reasons Why Summer is the BEST time to install a stove or insert:

Thinking about heating up your home whilst you're sweltering in the summer heat is certainly one of the last things you want to do, however it's exactly what you should be doing!


1) Looking for a new fireplace in the summer means no time pressure, you have more time to find the perfect fire for your home.       

2)  Not only do you have more time to choose the right fire, but there is less demand for installation which means your installation will be done quicker.

3)  Fine weather means the installation team will be able to work easier, it also means seals aren't affected by wet weather whilst drying.

4) By the time that first cool night rolls around you'll be all ready to go with a beautiful fire that you know is the right one for you.

5) It pays to think ahead! You can benefit from off-season offers such as the Caruana & Cini 40% OFF on Pellet, Ethanol, Wood and Gas Fireplaces orders during July! 


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