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Ecoforest Heater Control


The future of the "Heater control and pellet boilers"

Robust and advanced electronics, developed in collaboration with Universities, the most demanding control strategies are programmed, reflecting the know-how acquired over more than 50 years experience in the heating sector. This control presents some competitive advantages that set us aside in the international market:

Thanks to the modulating control of the combustion and the recirculation pump, and the reduced volume of water in the interior of the boiler an energy production adapted to the house's demand, is achieved, without the need to install buffer tanks. Additionally, condensation in the heat exchanger is eliminated *, without the need to install a mixing valve for the control of the return temp. of the water to the boiler.

Control of the SHW production and SHW temp.Temp. control of the buffer tank and control of external silo storage without any additional cost.

The programmed cleaning of the heat exchanger, grants high efficiency to the boiler throughout its lifetime.

An intuitive user interface provides the client with precise handling of the boiler from the very beginning as well as advanced electronics. They provide the installer with the control of all of the accessories and the elements of a heating system, without any additional cost.

Management via "smartphone", "tablet" or "computer", from any part of the house, without any additional cost and without the need to install applications.

For those houses that have internet:
  • Start up and shut down "via internet", at no extra cost
  • Access and control from anywhere in the word, that is free and doesn't need router configuration *.
  • Programmable schedule with start up and shut down based on room temperature.

* Included only in specific models ECOFOREST, please consult with us

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