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Why choose an ecoGeo Heat Pump?


SAVINGS. Ecoforest heat pumps substantially increase savings, not only because they are highly efficient day after day and reduce CO2 emissions, but because of ecoGEO technology and control strategies. Ecoforest heat pump installation is simple, compact and economic, an improvement over other heat pumps on the market because the user can forego certain components that would be essential in the installation of a traditional heat pump.

LOCAL RESOURCE. Heat pumps take most of the energy they need from their surrounding environment. Although they still have to be connected to the mains, they do not need to be supplied with any type of fuel, increasing user convenience and comfort. Likewise, they do not generate fl ames or smoke and provide a comprehensive heating system with little or no visual impact.

MINIMAL MAINTENANCE. The technology used by Ecoforest heat pumps is the same as a normal refrigerator, providing them with long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.

MINIMAL NOISE. Heat pump technology and insulation reduce noise levels to those of a common householdappliance. Between 35 and 46 dB.

SAFETY. No combustion means no fl ames or smoke. In addition, the ecoGEO heat pump is totally monitored by the software, security shutdowns take place in the event of machine or external anomalies.

MINIMAL VISUAL IMPACT. None of the components in the geothermal confi guration are visible. In the aerothermal or hybrid confi guration, the air unit can be hidden appropriately to reduce the impact.

HOLISTIC SYSTEM. Ecoforest programming allows an integral management of the entire installation from the control screen. Ecoforest control allows user-friendly confi guration of the entire system.


How does it work?

An ecoGEO installation consists of three parts; Collection circuit, Refregeration circuit & Heating/cooling circuit. The purpose of the collection circuit is no other than to extract energy from earth or air. This thermal energy is transferred to the refrigerant within the heat pump which is then compressed by a highly efficient compressor to increase the output thermal energy. This thermal energy is then dispersed around the establishment via underfloor heating, radiators, fan coils or air handling units. Ecoforest ecoGEO heat pumps come with integrated cycle inversion technology, making them capable also of cooling down the establishment with high efficiency.



Ecoforest ecoGEO collects between 70% and 80% of the energy directly from the earth and/or air via a collection circuit. The rest of  the required energy is derived from a highly efficient inverter technology compressor which is controlled by a strtegy specifically designed by Ecoforest to ensure optimal performance according to the user's needs.


What makes ecoGeo Heat Pump different?

Inverter technology allows ecoGEO heat pumps to adapt the power to several services (heating, cooling, domestic hot water etc.) acting as several heat pumps in one. 


The integrated control system of ecoGEO heat pumps allows the heat pump to manage the entire installation, allowing also simultaneous heating and cooling.

Installation adapted to application:
5 power ranges: 1-9 kW, 3-12 kW, 12-40 kW, 15-70 kW, 25-100 kW

Possibility of connecting up to 6 units in cascade which are all controlled by ecoGEO supervisor




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