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Our aim is to provide our customers with the most economic heating solution, not just by providing top of the range stoves and inserts but also by giving you the opportunity to purchase our already reasonably priced pellets and briquettes fuel at an even better price through early bird bulk orders of a minimum of 1 pallet.

To take advantage of the Early Bird prices, simply place your order by the end of October 2019. Delivery to your doorstep also available!

Sisarka Pellets

Wood pellets from beech logs from forests that are sustainably managed and FSC certified to deliver a superior quality product, devoid of any type of additive. It does not contain harmful substances and does not emit unpleasant odours.

Raw material: Pure natural wood 100% beech
Diameter: 6mm
Caloric power: 5.4 Kwh / kg  
Humidity: <8%
Ash: 0.9%
Mass: 650Kg / M3
CO2 emission: none
Standard: Enplus and FSC



Ecoforest Pellets

Ecoforest pellets are of the highest quality pellets ENPlusA1 grade, comply fully with the BSL regulations and are also FSC certified to make your life easier and keep your stove running at optimal performance. 



Ecoforest Briquettes 

Briquettes are manufactured in the same way as pellets, always made from top-quality, high-calorific wood.

  • 2-3 times the heating capacity of wood. 4500 kcal/kg

  • Leaves almost no ash (0.6%)

  • Prevents the flue clogging



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Bulk Order Specifications


Bag Weight: 15Kg                                            
No of bags/ Pallet : Small Pallet - 40 bags . Medium Pallet - 60 bags

Packet Weight: 10Kg (includes 7 briquettes)                                            
No of packets- 10 packets