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The use of biomass today is not limited to the use of firewood, pruning, etc. It has acquired other formats such as pellets, chips, briquettes or pomace. It is a local resource that allows the development of rural, cleaning our mountains and economical. The technology developed in recent years has evolved from a simple combustion in a fire, a closed hearth, hence, boilers and stoves, as Ecoforest, fully modulating that control the main parameters of the system and optimize the most the combustion efficiency. The use of various energy sources in a single installation in a coordinated manner is what is defined as hybridization.

Until a few years ago well, it was customary hybridization wood boilers with gas boilers or diesel hybrids / off, that is, or work the wood boiler or work boiler diesel, in most cases systems whose operation does not reach the performance that is supposed to good control.

Another possibility is the combination of hybrid installations with tanks Inertia. When connecting various sources of energy in the same volume of water, energy accumulates, but the most efficient and economical production at all times does not manage.

Ecoforest combines high performance equipment installations covering heating, cooling, DHW, swimming pool, etc.looking for the most efficient production in every moment, always ensuring comfort.

Control systems and management Ecoforest allow hybrid runs biomass heat pumps, which can be geothermal, aerothermal or can even combine the three, with power ranges from 3 kW to 600 kW.

Hybridization geothermal and biomass

Such systems are composed of a geothermal heat pump and boiler Pellets, in order to capture the energy of the land and biomass for the production of hot water or heating, the most efficient way at any moment.

The geothermal heat pump captures energy from the ground and gave it to the heating circuit or domestic hot water tank, highly efficient, the more efficient the lower the desired temperature.

The pellet boiler, burning pellets and transfers the heat generated to the heating circuit or domestic hot water less efficiently than the geothermal heat pump, except those installations to be attained temperatures above 60C, situations in which the heat pump loses efficiency, while the pellet boiler preserves, thereby avoiding the use of electrical resistance by hybridization geothermal heat pump and boiler pellets.


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Heat Pumps Boilers Pellet

In this type of hybridizations the pellet boiler is maintained by the heat pump . The connection of the two devices must beperformed in series, so that if the required temperature is below 60C operate exclusively the heat pump and if the required temperature is above 60 start operating the boiler, in order to raising the water temperature from 60 to the temperature required for the installation, all thanks to precise control of the flow temperature of each equipment (Ecoforest technology).

This hybridization becomes important in those applications that require high production of hot water at temperatures above 60C. We must take it into account also, in cases where the annual average power is that delivered by the heat pump, covering small peaks (in any month of the year) with a pellet boiler low-power, reducing the investment in geothermal wells, among other things.

Hybridization and biomass aerotermia

In this case, geothermal uptake by aerothermal uptake is replaced by the use of a heater, ie the heat pump capture the energy of the air and the give in the heating circuit or tank hot water, the rest of the installation would be similar to that described above.

This hybridization is important in those geographical areas where the average annual temperature is 15 ° C, since the savings would be considerable geothermal wells, however the efficiency is maintained. It also applies in cases where it is lacking space available for geothermal uptake (Center Cities, etc).

Hybridization aerothermal, geothermal and biomass

With this type of hybridization, depending on the outside temperature, the heat pump determines the instant whether it is more efficient extract energy from the ground or air, operating result and getting seasonal yields above 6.

With this option you can even, in some cases without biomass generation, but as previously noted, for certain applications is essential to use biomass generators.

aerotermia biomass hybridization scheme ECOFOREST copia_mini

Hybridization scheme geothermal, aerothermal and biomass. The heat pump determines where the energy is extracted.

In addition to these interesting ways hybridization, Ecoforest can perform the following hybridizations with multiple success stories:

  • Heat pump with solar photovoltaic.
  • Heat pump + biomass + solar photovoltaic.

This field is not written, and from the point of view of energy efficiency Ecoforest continues its commitment to R & D + i, to achieve in future developments, new integrations such as the integration of solar thermal or combination with chillers.

In short, biomass energy is a perfectly combinable with other energy sources, the result being highly efficient installations with very low amortization periods. Ecoforest available to the market the technology associated with these heating and sanitary hot water.

Eladio Perez / Manager Ecoforest

Article published in the journal BIE31

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