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Top 10 reasons why you should buy a Pellet Fireplace. 

ecoforest pellet fireplace

People who own pellet stoves love them so much that some have even bought two! We have made a list of 10 good reasons why you should buy a pellet fireplace this summer.

1 Cost Savings

Pellet stoves & inserts substantially increase savings thanks to their efficiency. We extract energy out of every ounce of fuel to warm up your home and with over 85% efficiency changing to a pellet heating system is clearly a smart choice.

ecoforest Paris pellet stove

2 Eco Friendly

Pellets are a renewable source of energy that contribute to lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The 6mm wood pellets, which are available in 15kg bags, are made from compressed sawdust and waste wood that would otherwise be dumped into landfills or left to rot.

ecoforest pellets

3 Aesthetics

Ecoforest products are designed in such a way that they meet the aesthetic and energy needs for each home with an easy, fast and economical installation. 

Tokio ecoforest pellet stove

4 Low Maintenance

Because pellet stoves burn so efficiently, there’s very little ash to clean up and many models have automatic cleaning cycles of critical components.

London ecoforest pellet stove

5 Powerful  & Cleaner Heat

Both because of the fuel’s consistency and the stove’s combustion mechanics, pellets burn very hot. This means they burn more efficiently and more cleanly than wood. Their in-built extraction system enables most pellet stoves to be vented horizontally out through a wall instead of through a conventional chimney.

ecoforest pellet stoves and inserts

6 Advanced  Technologies

The Ecoforest team have the highest quality control and accreditation granted by ECA, Nemko and the Fraunhofer Institut. Engineered hardware backed up by custom designed electronics and software controlled make ecoforest Europe's pioneers in pellet stove technology.  Read More >> 

ecoforest certifications

8 Easy to use

Our pellet fireplaces have the real flame ambience of a wood fireplace without any of the hard work. You can start your pellet stove through a click of a button or even manage your Ecoforest products remotely and at any time thanks to your internet connected smartphone!

cordoba glass demonstration

9 Heat more than one room

Ecoforest pellets air ducted stoves allows to distribute the heat through a series of ducts or radiator installed in the house, these pellets stoves are the solution for users that are looking for a clean, natural and very effective heating system, that want to heat different areas of the house.

ecoforest ducted air pellet system

10 Save up to 30%

Order your pellet stove during the month of August 2018 and you can benefit from up to 30% discount!  Don’t be left in the cold this winter, get in touch with our fireplace experts today by calling 21551918 or email on

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